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More Monrad

Adolf Groth Monrad (1849-1919)

Jeg tar dette på engelsk da min slektning i USA følger spent med...

After my recent dig into the archives in Trondheim, I've made some progress with Adolf Groth Monrad. We know that he was born Jul 12 1849 and baptised May 24 1850 in Christiansand. We know he married Anna Rebekka Olsdatter/Olsen in Dec 29 1875 in Trondheim, and had 11 children between 1872 and 1898 in Trondheim. A few of them died young.

We know preciously little about his early years, and him growing into the military person he was. In the book "Underoffiserer ved artilleriet i Trøndelag" I could read a small bio.

1865, May 6. Signed up as a "gevorben artillerist", meaning that he volunteerly joined the military.
1868. Graduated from The Royal Norwegian Artillery Brigade Academy.
1869, April 11. Held the rank of "Gevorben overkonstabel".
1871, April 23. Held the rank of "Landvern sergeant".
1871, August 1. Held the rank of "National sergeant".
1873, February 24. Held the rank of "Gevorben sergeant". He was due to serve for six years, until 1879, May 15.
1889, January 1. Employed and held the rank of "kommandosergeant"

Steven: I didn't translate the military ranks, but considering his age when he signed up (16), he joined the ranks of sergeant fairly quick.

So fitting this into what we already know, that he was in Trondheim in 1872 because his first son Johan Martin Groth Monrad was born December 29 that year. A contributing reason for him signing up to serve for six years in February the following year?

Now, the academy he attended I believe was in Christiania, so the archives here should have more details. I'll definitely look for it to confirm the above information, and possibly get clues as to where he was between his baptism and him joining the military.

Remaining questions:
- Where was Adolf Groth Monrad living between 1850 and 1865?
- Where was his confirmation?
- Where did his mother go, and what happened to her? Where was she in the same period? Some say she went to Trondheim and remarried. If that is correct, when was it?
- The bio says that Johannes Groth Monrad was his father, at Ekle in Verdal. The sources for this are not confirmed. If this is correct, who is Johannes Fredriksen, merchant from Trondheim who was listed as the father in the baptism records? I've looked at "borgere" in Trondheim around 1840 to see if I could find him. No success.
- When did Adolf Groth Johannessen|Fredriksen become Adolf Groth Monrad?

As usual in genealogy, one answer found always opens a can of "more questions". But the hunt continues for more answers. Eventually we will run out of cans...

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Steve Monrad sa...

Very interesting Petter. You've been working hard!

Although there are still questions, you've found many answers, my friend!

Anonym sa...

I have to comment on this, - also in english since it seems like we might be relatives! Well, Adolph Groth Monrad is my, - in norwegian, tippoldefar (the father of my great-grandfather..english expression????)His son Oscar is my great-grandfather, and Oscars daughter Solveig was my grandmother). I have in many years tried to find out who he was, and the link between A.G. Monrad and Ekle, - this was interesting! No, the link to Johannes G. Monrad is not confirmed. But my grandmother spent part of her childhood at Ekle gård, - who she talked of as relatives. Johannes G. Monrad was son of Fredrik Monrad from Ekle. So it might be that Johannes only used the sirname Fredriksen (means son of Fredrik),- but why??? We also know that Johannes G. Monrads`wife is not Adolphs mother, - and that two other sons of Johannes lived with Adolphs family in Trondheim when they were students. Why?? The first time he is registrated as Monrad, is when he gets married. Is he first registrated as Fredriksen because his identity had to be "secret"?? Where was he 1850-1865??? Did he come to Trondheim/Ekle to stay with his father, - may be the mother had died? I don`t remember her name right now (Kristiane??) But I know that Adolph named his oldest daughter after his mother. I will follow this research with a lot of interest!! And if I find out something, I can share it with you if you like!

Mvh, Marit

Petter Stene sa...

Marit, I would appreciate if you could drop me an email at petter.stene at getmail.no (put it together with a @, doing this to avoid spam). Best regards, Petter

Petter Stene sa...

And also check out my other blog entry on the Monrads:

Steve Monrad sa...

Yes Marit, it looks like we are relatives!

Adolf's son, Carl was my great grandfather who came to America in 1907.

I have a blog at http://stevemonrad.blogspot.com/

This is very interesting for sure!!


Anonym sa...

Wow! This is great!So our great-grandfathers were actually brothers!I`d really like to hear the story of his life in America! I can tell you what I know about his brother and my grandmothers story. I will send an email to Petter Stene, - you may get my emailadress from him if you like.

Anonym sa...

Hello Steve, - I checked out your blog, - and read about your other relative in Trondheim, - your great-granfathers were brothers, - and then a brother to Oscar too. Well, - this is really interesting, - actually I live in Trondheim too! And I never knew I had relatives here from the Monrad family! Hope to get in contact with you all!

Steve Monrad sa...

This is very exciting Marit!

My e-mail address is steve.monrad at verizon.net

I look forward to making contact!